Ruslan Akchurin

Ruslan, being a CEO in Ufatech, coordinates the work of the department of strategic development and innovative products, while working on the creation of electronic parts and devices, prototypes, bringing a new product design from the development stage to the start of series production. This business model allows us to create a sustainable IT business platform, which is focused on qualitative characteristics of the product.

Venera Bulatova

Venera is engaged in financial management and strategic planning of the project, responsible for pricing strategy and business development. During an internship at Metzler group in Frankfurt Venus had a great experience that allowed to refocus the business processes of company into the SaaS model, resulting in a significantly changed the trajectory of development of the company at the moment. She has a diploma of Berlin Perspectives at the University of Humboldt.

Vyacheslav Potapov
Chief Engineer

Vyacheslav manages the R&D part of the project and coordinates the technical support dept, effectively manages all engineering processes in the company and sets the direction of the technical development of the formation of the terms of reference and to the new solutions introduction, realizing large-scale projects of shopping centers and retail chains. Vaclav has extensive experience in working on automation projects of shopping centers and buildings.

Cyril Kazakov

As head of marketing, Cyril is responsible for developing an analytical framework that form the model of development of the company. Since joining Ufatech he has participated in the creation of a team that is involved in virtually all areas: from the business strategy and the design of new products to retail analytics and data management. Cyril had practice in the United States in New York Consumer Center, where he studied the psychology of visitors shopping centers and retail chains.