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Ways to use data from people counting systems

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Today customer traffic statistics is collected by most companies of retail market. Such information allows to track the customer activity and to be quick on the mark to increase the company efficiency. The customer counters, installed at entrance areas of stores and shopping centers, provide valuable information on traffic dynamics and make it possible to analyze the factors, influencing the changes in this parameter.

The customer counters without data analytics, which don’t allow centralized store traffic data acquisition and don’t provide the company with information automatically, can’t be considered to be solutions to complete some serious tasks. Such calculator counters demonstrate the customer traffic data at one point at best, and they don’t provide data on visiting time, and here the personnel reliability plays a major role. In general one can say that these counters don’t cost even those hundred dollars they are priced at.

Most customer counting systems, offered by the market, include data processing software, this being reasonable, as there are projects, embracing 400 counting areas and more. In this case information from each object is processed automatically and the ready report represents structured data, depending on counting time and location. Such data processing can be carried out in different ways – some integrators offer the access to web-analytics, the others send reports in the form of weekly brochures, and the third provide software shell for statistics demonstration.

When developing the customer counting system, the UFATECH company considered the fact, that different companies need different solutions for data processing. For those who choose off-the-shelf products the Statistica complex with a wide range of analytical instruments was created. If you prefer obtaining data through browser of the device, connected to Internet, then you can choose the MegaCount Web-Module – it doesn’t require software installation at work areas. For companies, using home data bases and CRM systems, the UFATECH engineers have developed the programmable data upload, making the traffic statistics integration into corporate system an easy job.

Customer Traffic Data Upload in the UFATECH Counting System

The Statistica software complex provides a toolbox for working with structured data, concerning traffic in each counting area. The functional reports can be adjusted according to user needs, the time interval to be set on one’s own account, data intervals being from 10 minutes up to one year.

UFATECH WEB is a module for data management through the browser of the Internet connected device. Using the adjusted web-module the company employees will be able to browse the store traffic statistics from any device with Internet access.

CRM Integration implies automated upload of statistics (customer traffic data) into corporate data base. This option allows to define the first key retail measures, being sales conversion, which gives the company a chance to evaluate the efficiency of each sales outlet.

The programmable data upload can be adjusted through the video counter web interface and makes it possible to combine the UFATECH equipment with customer counting systems, produced by other manufacturers.


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