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A Booming Shopping Mall is …

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About a billion people come to shopping malls all over the world daily – from Tokian Solamachi  to Diamond Centre in Alaska. This new form of commerce is gaining momentum, and despite the general recession of the economy it is growing extremely rapidly, offering a great amount of new sales areas.

The development of retail business and emerging technologies make the shopping malls adjust to the quick changes and adapt to new environment. In general, large shopping malls are the top performers now, both as far as the general sales level (which is quite expected) and the square meter sales level are concerned.

Another key point to be mentioned by everyone, who spends more than 2 hours a week in a mall, is comfort, and it is crucial. Indeed, the statistics shows, that most of the respondents say, that comfort, or atmosphere, as it is also called, is critical, when choosing what mall to go to. However, if we take a look at retail business, which has greatly changed over the past years, we can see, that the former elements of comfort, taken into account by shopping mall analysts, recede into past, and are replaced by new ones. Now the customers, who used to choose small local shopping centers with a few anchor tenants and traditional food courts, tend to go to trade centers that dared to implement large innovations.

Implementation of Analytical Visitors Counting System to Create the Necessary Atmosphere in a Shopping Mall

Most of the retail sales are made in stores, for this reason the investments in shopping malls can generate substantial profit. However, ordinary redecoration as a way to invest is not enough in this case. The growth and development of shopping centers make both the mall employees and tenants focus on the following aspects: the way the customer flow is distributed within the building, areas, sparking particular interest in certain audience, best places for the layouts to be located. Such information can help solve different problems, starting from the choice of tenants and ending with marketing campaigns that will help attract visitors and fit retail stores at best. Computer-assisted customer counters give answers to all possible questions.

The customer counting system can also help study and improve the atmosphere of the trade center. Exactly just like nice music and attractive design draw consumer traffic, shopping lines, crowds and inability to approach a product you like can negatively affect the impression left from the store. A shopping mall has always been more than just a place to shop, but it doesn’t mean, that people will be glad to see long lines or crowds, that don’t let come closer to a layout, one got interested in. The consumer counters are a necessary instrument to avoid all these troubles and make the shopping experience as nice as possible. It is easier to solve a problem, if you know when you face it.

The popularity of the shopping centers is a phenomenon one should have got used to long ago. This tendency will remain unchanged and grow as the years go by. The shopping malls attract a great number of people, and offer a variety of entertainment opportunities for the customers to feel happy. One doesn’t have to make superhuman efforts for a shopping mall to boom – just choose the right instrument. 


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