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FAQ about people counting systems

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Whatever purchase one wants to make today, he/she will always have to choose between a common store and an Internet one. The modern retail tendencies show, that this choice will only be harder and harder to make, as E-commerce is developing continuously. This is why the retail business owners have to plan their company development strategies thoroughly, starting from the place for a new outlet to be opened, and ending with the marketing campaign arrangement and making a personnel work schedule.

There was a time, when in order to get feedback to estimate, how efficient a promotional campaign had been or find out, how popular a store was among customers, one just had to interview the customers, asking “How did you know about us” questions. Many customer habits have changed since then – new communications means have appeared. They enhanced the efficiency of “word of mouth” marketing, besides, the exhibitions and show-rooms have become popular, all this making the feedback from clients hard to get. Nevertheless, understanding the psychology of customer behavior and factors, influencing the customer choice, can make the use of company’s available resources more efficient.

Those people, who still impeach the need in such an instrument as a visitor counter, can have a look at a small list of most frequently asked questions, answered by the Ufatech company in detail. We hope, that this information will help you make the appropriate decision and acquire the intelligent customer counting system, making the work of your company more efficient.

Q: What to measure the customer traffic for?

A: Customer counting is used in many fields of business. Retailers can compare the sales level with the acute customer flow to find out, how successful the work of their company is and what the percentage ratio of customers and visitors is. Libraries, museums and different non-profit-making organizations use the received data to provide effective management and to make traffic reports to get subsidies and investments.

Q: Does the customer counting system count employees and does this data effect the eventual result?

A: The MegaCount Statistics analytical software package makes the personnel correction possible. The correction is automatically calculated after the number of employees is set and the number of employees to walk in and out is specified. At the same time, the video counter allows to add the exclusion line, installed away from the customer flow and obligingly crossed by the trained personnel, when walking in and out of the store.

Q: Should the obtained result be divided by two to count the incomers separately?

A: All the Ufatech customer counters provide two-direction counting. It gives an insight into peak hours for customer traffic and allows to avoid unnecessary work when processing statistics data.

The MegaCount company encourages to hold back from acquiring cheap customer counters, providing one-direction counting and displaying data on device screen. Such “calculator-counters” can neither guarantee the full value analysis of customer traffic nor can they give accurate results at all.

Q: Dishonest employees can cheat the sensors, how can one prevent it?

A: Most frequently one faces the situation, when the sellers, whose wage depends on store’s conversion level, cover the sensors with tape for some time in order to cheat the management staff and provide inadequate information on customer traffic. The Ufatech visitor counters are equipped with in-built protection from external actions, adjusted for the system to constantly scan the state of all sensors. If one of the sensors is working inappropriately, the system will immediately send a request to carry out an inspection.

Q: Do the counters have a set margin of error? How accurate is the customer counting system?

A: The Ufatech company can’t estimate all the visitor counting systems and comment on error margins (accuracy), specified by sellers. It should be realized, that certain environment should be created for trouble-free work of the counters – the entrance group should meet the certain requirements. For instance, when the horizontal counters are mounted at a wide entrance area (more than 3 meters wide), the counting line may be easily crossed by two visitors and more. Obviously, a horizontal customer counter is designed so as to count only one crossing. For the video counters to work in the right way, the installation requirements are to be followed. This way one will get accurate data even when the traffic is very high. At the same time, one should understand, that the video counter itself is a device, using high-end technology, and having certain settings, influencing the counting accuracy, thus the Ufatech company provides free calibration service to its customers.


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