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2016 Winning Strategy with people counters

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Last year was filled with events and news, that influenced the buying activity one way or another. The Ufatech company hopes, that despite some market fluctuations and twists, most retail market players managed to reach success last year and make the consumers trust more and buy in the stores more often.

There is always a room for perfection in our lives, and the start of the year is the perfect time to launch efficiency enhancement long term projects. For those companies, that are constantly forging ahead, Ufatech has prepared 5 core messages for year 2016.

  1. Don’t Let Data Rest on Laurels

The advantage of the modern retail business is that each buyer leaves his or her mark. Sad to say, but most companies don’t give due consideration to this fact. Therefore, the considerable part of the data on clients is either lost or not taken into account.

The New Year’s goal for successful sellers is to learn to collect, structure and analyze the data on behavior of each visitor. It means, that the one, who is able to apply the collected statistic data to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of his/her business and make necessary changes, will be the gainer.

  1. Give Support to Customer Facing Personnel

It is incredible, but the analytic investigations results often stay in the brains of company top managers without reaching the employees, that daily face the store customers. What to make these investigations for then?

Every day the selling assistants and company managers communicate with hundreds of store visitors, helping them choose the right product, answering thousands of questions and selling, of course. It means, that they are the ones to have the knowledge, obtained from these investigations. The information, allowing to understand the customer needs and the way they behave, should be constantly forwarded to front office employees – this is the only way for it to be used to the greatest extent.

  1. Move Faster than Your Competitors

The world is changing too fast and ordinary analysis of your business is just not enough. Sometimes, the most important thing to survive in the fierce competitive environment is to be able to instantly react to current changes. Business is developing at such rate, that making daily and weekly management decisions is an instrument too slow to be effective. Today, one should be able to adjust oneself to situation throughout the day.

The retail companies are badly in need of intelligent solution to allow to detect the daily demand and customer behavior swings and to introduce this data to customer facing employees rapidly for them to be able to react and adapt to current tasks.

  1. Efficiency Analysis is not Restricted by Incoming Store Traffic Counting

The leading retail business companies already go beyond the customer traffic counting – their systems are focused on the best analysis and research of customer behavior at all stages of purchase making. The customer traffic data is synchronized with other business indicators to provide the comprehensive idea of customer activity.

If the companies want to reach success in 2016, they should find a solution, that will allow to use customer counting data and estimate the consumer traffic along with such indicators as sales, marketing costs, seasonality, weather parameters etc. The absolute sense of customer behavior model will provide the basis for future development.

  1. Statistics is a Key to Future Success

Just as the daily customer behavior analysis and prompt response to the changing traffic allow to reach success here and now, so does the investigation of annual rate of customer activity make it possible to use the gained experience for future development.

The year-end customer traffic assessment will show the peak periods and trends, letting retailers plan and adjust their future strategies, starting from marketing expenditures and ending with the number of employees to be involved.

If the companies include these theses into 2016 development strategy, they will find it easier to feel confident in the constantly changing market environment, being ready to face any market fluctuations.

The Ufatech team wishes all the current and prospective partners, that they could realize all the projects scheduled, and may this year bring all the success with it.

Vyacheslav Potapov

Chief Engineer